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Committee on Strategic Planning and Priorities (CSPP)


Jeffrey Osborn


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The Committee on Strategic Planning and Priorities (CSPP) advises the president in promoting the TCNJ Mission, Vision, and Values statements as the primary guides in campus planning, decision-making, and resource allocation. In this capacity, it supports the president’s monitoring, development, and periodic review of the College’s institutional strategic plan, including the plan’s strategic priorities and goals. CSSP Oversees: BFPC, CDC, SECC (for planning issues), and all their reporting councils.

1. CSPP is responsible for the ongoing review of the College’s Strategic Plan. As such, CSPP: (a) monitors the College’s progress toward the goals outlined in the strategic plan, with regular reports from stakeholders responsible for undertaking action steps outlined in the plan; Governance 2017 9 (b) convenes experts and stakeholders to recommend revisions and additions to the plan (including changes in the multi-year calendar) in order to better meet strategic goals; and (c) collects strategic plans from all cabinet officers and deans, reviews their alignment with the College’s strategic plan, and stores them in a central repository accessible to the college community.

2. At the president’s request, CSPP convenes experts and stakeholders from across the campus to draft and recommend a new strategic plan to the president and the Board of Trustees. As part of this process, CSPP facilitates a campuswide conversation: (a) to assess the accomplishments from the previous plan; (b) consider the College’s current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats; (c) re-examine the College’s Mission, Vision, and Values statements; and (d) recommend a new set of strategic priorities and goals.

3. CSPP evaluates proposals for new and revised initiatives and procedures that emanate from College governance, major institutional planning areas, and institutional task forces. The Committee considers these proposals in terms of the College’s Mission, Vision, and Values statements, as well as the strategic priorities and goals of the College’s strategic plan. For example, when requests for feedback on new proposals emerge from the normal governance process, CSPP takes the initiative to consider the proposals in terms of the College’s Mission, Vision, and Values statements, as well as with the strategic priorities and goals of the College’s strategic plan in mind. CSPP determines whether to draft and share a formal document that summarizes its evaluation with relevant stakeholders.

4. Each year, CSPP invites up to four cabinet officers to make a formal presentation of their unit’s activities to the larger committee. Typically at the beginning of the fall semester, CSPP decides which officers to invite. Invitations are based on which Strategic Priorities and Goals are points of emphasis that particular year, and on salient opportunities or threats to promoting the College’s Mission, Vision, and Values. Invitations should be sent by the committee co-chairs. On the basis of the cabinet officer’s presentation, CSPP may recommend that Faculty Senate, Student Senate, and/or Student Government invite additional presentations for their constituencies or may charge task forces (with representation from the faculty, staff, and students) outside the membership of CSPP to explore salient issues further and make recommendations to CSPP. 5. In the planning domain of Finance and Budget, CSPP charges an Advisory Council to the College’s Treasurer.

Membership: 16 total members: 6 faculty including the President of the Faculty Senate; the Provost, the Treasurer, the VP for Student Affairs or designee, and 1 additional Cabinet member; 3 staff members including the President of the Staff Senate; and 3 students including the President and Executive Vice President of Student Government and a graduate student. If no graduate student is able to serve, the third student will be an additional elected representative from Student Government. Current Members in Governance

Meeting Information

Meeting Times: 2nd and 4th Wednesdays, 1:30-2:50 pm


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