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Status of Issues in Governance 2022-2023

Note: The Status of Issues page provides a record of the governance process. Please refer to the Policy Manual for current, approved policies. For additional resources, please see this information on the steps of the process and on testimony tiers.

of Charge
Date of Preliminary Recommendation# of Business Days
for Written Feedback (for Tiers II and III)
Date of Open Forum
(Public Testimony
required at Tier III)
Date of Final Recommendation
Alcohol and Other Drug policy2021-11-172022-MarCSCC Step 6Tier IN/AN/AN/A2022-Feb-23
Blended and Online Task Force2021-04-212022-FebTask ForceAcceptedTier IIN/AN/AN/A2022-Aug 24
Centers and Institutes 2017-11-152018-May CSPP pausedTier II2018-Feb 28N/A
Class Recording2021-11-172022-MarCAPApprovedTier II2023-Jan 269N/A
College Website2023-03-012023-MayCSCC Step 5Tier II
Committee on Inclusive Excellence2020-12-022021-DecSteeringApprovedTier III2022-Nov 8112022-Nov 162022-Dec 7 (final rec);
2023-Feb 28 (Board approval)
Copyrighted Materials2021-11-032022-MayCFAStep 2Tier II
Course Selection2022-10-192023-MarCFAStep 2Tier 1N/AN/AN/A
DEIA Graduate Certificate2022-11-162023 MarCAPApprovedTier IN/AN/AN/A
Disciplinary Standards2022-11-162023-MarCFAStep 5Tier II2023-Feb 2112N/A
Electronic Records Privacy and Access 2019-09-182019-Dec CSCC Step 6Tier IIN/AN/A
Equity Audit2020-11-18CDCStep 2Tier II
Housing Accommodations2022-11-162023-MarCSCC Step 5Tier IIN/AN/AN/A2023-Feb 22
Flexible Work Arrangements2020-11-182021-DecCSCCApprovedTier II11-Mar 20227N/A2022-May 4 (Steering)
Global Educational Leadership-Post Master Certificate2023-03-012023-AprCAPStep 5Tier IN/AN/AN/A
Graduate Admissions 2019-11-202020-MayCAPStep 3Tier IIN/A
Graduate Certificate Programs2021-11-172022-MayCAPApprovedTier II31-Oct 20228N/A2022-Dec 14
Health and Risk Communication Graduate Certificate2022-04-202022-MayCAPApprovedTier IN/AN/AN/A2023-Jan 24
Incomplete and In Progress Grades2023-02-012023 AprilCAPStep 3Tier II
Involuntary Health and Safety Withdrawal2022-10-192023-MarCSCC Step 5Tier I2022-Dec 1415N/A2023-Feb 22
Joint Appointments, Transfer of Unit, and Affiliate Status2023-03-012023-MayCFAStep 2Tier II
Living Learning Communities Task Force2021-05-182021-DecTask ForceStep 4Tier II
Naming of Assets/Renaming of Streets 2019-10-162020-MarCSCC Step 6Tier IIN/A2021-Dec 8
Program Closure2023-03-012023-MayCAPStep 2Tier II
Program Entrance, Retention, and Exit Standards2023-03-012023-MayCAPStep 2Tier II
Readmission-Conditional (graduate) 2018-09-192019-MayGSC combined with CAP's Graduate Admissions chargeTier II2020-Feb 1N/AN/A2021-Feb 14 (sent to CAP)
Safety of Minors on Campus 2019-09-182020-MarCSCC Step 6Tier IIN/AN/AN/A2021-Nov 10
Service and Emotional Support Animals2022-11-162023-MarCSCC Step 5Tier IIN/AN/AN/A2023-Feb 22
Social Media 2018-02-072018-MayCSCC ApprovedTier IIspring 2019N/A2021-Mar 23
Spanish for the Professions (Undergrad Certificates)2022-09-212022-OctCAPApprovedTier IN/AN/AN/A
Sponsorship and Other Support2023-03-012023-MayCSCC Step 5Tier 2
Student Complaints2022-11-162023-MarCAPStep 2Tier IIN/A
Student Conduct Code2022-10-192023-MarCSCC Step 5Tier II2022-Dec 14
15N/A2023-Feb 22
Student Feedback 2020-10-072021-MarCFAStep 5Tier III2022-Apr 6132022-Nov 16
Student Organization Fundraising 2018-09-052019-MarCSCC Step 6Tier IIN/A
Student Rights and Freedoms2023-03-012023-MayCSCC Step 2Tier II
Transfer Policies2021-11-032022-MayCAP ApprovedTier II2022-Sept 2014N/A2022-Nov 16
Undergraduate Advising Policies and Practices2021-11-172022-MayCFA ApprovedTier II2022-May 45N/A
Undergraduate Certificate Programs Policy2021-11-172022-MayCAPStep 5Tier I2023-Feb 610N/A
Undergraduates Enrolling In and Double Counting Graduate Courses2022-12-072023-MarCAPStep 5Tier IN/AN/AN/A