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Steering Committee


Jeffrey Osborn

Jill Bush


Brittany Aydelotte




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Steering is the coordinating body for the College Governance system. It consists of equal membership from each designated stakeholder group. It oversees the governance process for issues related to programs, policy, and procedure, and it manages requests from the campus community for changes in policies that apply across campus.

The Steering Committee: 1. Receives all requests for policy/procedure/program-related issues to be considered within the Governance system and decides if these are issues for governance and, if so, where these issues are to be addressed (usually a standing committee, occasionally a council). 2. For matters of policy, determines the type of policy that will result and the level of administrative approval it will require, following TCNJ’s Policy Framework. 3. Frames the charge to the designated committee and/or council, including a statement of the issue, relevant background information, limited guidance on the gathering of testimony, and description of the policy type and approval level, and transmits the charge to the appropriate committee or council chair. Also, Steering considers whether, following governance resolution of an issue, negotiations between the administration and a bargaining unit might be needed as is the case with issues relating to work conditions or responsibilities. When Steering anticipates that this is likely, it should be noted in the charge. 4. Returns a recommendation if the process has not been followed conscientiously or completely. 5. Ensures that issues are addressed in a timely manner. 6. Provides guidance to committees and councils on what constitutes their regular, ongoing business as specified in the charges in this document. 7. Forwards all final recommendations to the Office of the Provost, who will forward as needed to the president and/or other cabinet members. 8. Coordinates revisions by the relevant committee or council of any final recommendation not accepted in full by the administration. 9. Monitors the repository for official governance documents which is maintained by the Office of the Provost, striving to make them easily accessible to all through the governance website. These include committee and council membership lists, public action minutes from all committee and council meetings, and all documents relating to policy/procedure/program issues and charges being considered in governance. 10. Maintains active links on the governance website to web-based, archived planning documents that are coordinated by the Committee on Strategic Planning and Priorities. 11. Creates, annually assesses, and retires ad hoc governance task forces and publicizes and archives their work. 12. Recommends to the president changes in the College Governance Structure and Processes document periodically. 13. Reviews and oversees the College’s Wednesday meeting schedule.

Oversees: CAP, CSCC, CFA, SECC (for policy, program, and procedure issues), and all their reporting councils
Members: 10 total members: 3 faculty, 3 staff, 3 students, Provost or designee ex officio without vote

Meeting Information

Meeting Dates: 1st and 3rd Wednesdays,  1:30-2:50 pm


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