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Budget and Finance Planning Council


Valarie McDuffie




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Budget and Finance Planning Council (BFPC) BFPC ensures that the College’s Mission, Vision, and Values, as well as Strategic Plan, is linked to decision-making and budgeting processes, and that planning processes are clearly communicated, provide for stakeholder participation, and incorporate the use of ongoing assessment. The council is to help in reshaping the culture of the campus to one which is more readily inclined to assume the responsibility of revenue generation and cost containment.

Reports to: CSPP Membership. The treasurer will serve as chair of BFPC alongside a co-chair elected from the membership. Membership on BFPC will be based primarily on relevant expertise.

Members: The Treasurer will define the most appropriate size of planning council membership with the following requirement: members will include representatives from faculty, staff, and students, appointed by the Faculty Senate, Staff Senate, and Student Government. Planning Councils need not have equal representation from these constituencies, but each constituency is to be represented by a minimum of two members. In addition, there should be representation from the division of Academic Affairs, the provost or the provost’s designee, and a standing dean.

Meeting Information

Meeting Dates: 2nd Wednesdays from 3:00-3:50pm, 4th Wednesdays from 4:00-4:50pm if needed, according to the timeline of the budget planning process, with the expectation that the Council will meet more frequently when the budget is being created.


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