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Making a Final Recommendation

Although the final recommendation should be noted in a committee’s minutes, that recommendation also must be submitted to the Steering Committee as a separate document. The final recommendation should have the following parts:

A Cover Memo, which:

  • Is addressed to the Steering Committee and indicates that it is a final recommendation.
  • Briefly indicates the charge being addressed (date, topic, etc.).
  • Briefly describes the process used to develop the recommendation (e.g., consultation, sub-committees) and how testimony was obtained.
  • Summarizes the recommendation or its major points.
  • Provides an effective date for implementation.
  • Offers any other matters a committee wants to bring to the attention of the Steering Committee (e.g., future issues they would like to see addressed, charges that may stem from the recommendation).

The Full Recommendation

Note:  The recommendation should be submitted using the language that is to be quoted in college documents such as the Bulletin, Policy Manual, or handbooks

  • For new policies/procedures:
    • Submit the policy/procedure electronically in full as an MS Word document.
    • Be aware that the committee’s recommendation will be converted to the standard policy format before it is added to the policy manual. We encourage the committee to write the policy in this format so that meaning is not inadvertently changed during this conversion process. General guidelines for policy writing from the compliance office are available at the following links, the first of which includes the standard policy template:

  • For changes to current policies/procedures:
    • Submit the policy/procedure in full electronically as an MS Word document.
    • Also submit the policy/procedure in full electronically as an MS Word document showing all tracked changes.

Back-Up Materials (optional)

If a committee believes that additional information is needed or useful, back up materials can be submitted for support and/or clarification (e.g., minutes, summaries of testimony, etc.)