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Status of Issues in Governance 2020-2021

Note: The Status of Issues page provides a record of the governance process. Please refer to the Policy Manual for current, approved policies.

Testimony Tiers: In Tier I, relevant stakeholders are consulted. In Tier II, written feedback is required. In Tier III, both written and oral feedback are required.

Governance Steps: Step 1) Steering prepares a charge; Step 2) governance begins work on a charge; Step 3) testimony is solicited; Step 4) a final recommendation is prepared; Step 5) Steering reviews the final recommendation; Step 6) the administration considers the final recommendation; Step 7) Steering notifies the campus.

Annual Reports

Committee on Academic Programs 2020-21

Committee on Faculty Affairs 2020-21

Committee on Student and Campus Community 2020-21

of Charge
Committee Current
Date of Preliminary Recommendation # of Business Days
for Written Feedback (for Tiers II and III)
Date of Open Forum
(Public Testimony
required at Tier III)
Date of Final Recommendation
Absence and Attendance 2020-02-19 2020-Dec CAP Approved Tier II 2020-Nov 12 16 N/A 2021-Jan 24
Advising Assessment 2020-02-19 2021-May CFA Step 4 Tier III 2021-Mar 31 11 2021-Apr 7
Advising Task Force 2021-02-17 2021-May Task Force Completed Tier II N/A N/A N/A 2021-May 14
Blended and Online Task Force 2021-04-21 2022-Feb Task Force Step 2 Tier II N/A N/A N/A
Centers and Institutes 2017-11-15 2018-May CSPP paused Tier II 2018-Feb 28 N/A
Civil Engineering Minor 2020-09-16 2020-Oct CAP Step 2 Tier I N/A N/A N/A
Community Engaged Learning 2020-04-15 2021-Jan CAP Approved Tier III 2021-Jan 25 15 2021-Apr 7 2021-May 13
Course Delivery Modes 2021-04-07 2021-Oct CAP Step 2 Tier II
Curricular Change 2019-10-02 2020-May CAP Approved Tier I 2020-Apr 16 9 N/A 2020-May 27
Dean's List Eligibility 2020-10-07 2020-Nov CAP Approved Tier I N/A N/A N/A 2020-Nov 4
Electronic Records and Privacy Access 2019-09-18 2019-Dec CSCC Step 2 Tier II N/A N/A
Equity Audit 2020-11-18 CDC Step 2 Tier II
Final Exam-Graduate 2018-09-19 2018-Dec GSC combined with undergraduate policy Tier II 2020-Feb 24 N/A combined with undergraduate policy
Final Exam-Undergraduate 2018-10-01 2019-May CAP Approved Tier II 2020-May 11 7 N/A 2020-Oct 18
Flexible Work Arrangements 2020-11-18 2021-Dec CSCC Step 2 Tier II
Graduate Admissions 2019-11-20 2020-May CAP Step 2 Tier II N/A
International Credit Transfer and Exchange 2019-10-16 2020-Mar CAP Step 2 Tier II N/A
Internships (Undergraduate) 2019-10-16 2019-Dec CAP Approved Tier I N/A N/A N/A 2020-Jun 8
Liberal Learning 2021-03-17 2021-Nov LLC Step 2 Tier III 2021-May 21 15
Liberal Learning Designations N/A N/A LLC Approved N/A N/A N/A N/A 2020-Mar 11
Liberal Learning Outcomes 2021-04-21 2022-Mar LLC Step 2 Tier II
Living Learning Communities Task Force 2021-05-18 2021-Dec Task Force Step 2 Tier II
Modification of Teaching Duties 2018-09-19 2019-May CFA Approved Tier III 2019-Oct 30 12 2019-Nov 06 2020-Mar 3
Naming of Assets/Renaming of Streets 2019-10-16 2020-Mar CSCC Step 2 Tier II N/A
Office Hours 2019-11-06 2020-May CFA Step 6 Tier II Spring 2020 10 SG 2020-May 27
Readmission-Conditional (graduate) 2018-09-19 2019-May GSC with CAP Tier II 2020-Feb 1 N/A N/A N/A
Research Misconduct 2018-09-19 2018-Dec CFA under review Tier II 2019-Feb 1 N/A N/A 2019-May 15
Remote Classroom Camera, Microphone, and Recording 2020-10-21 2021-Mar CAP Step 4 Tier II 2021-Apr 30 9 2021-May 7
2021-May 10
RPD Service Expectations 2021-05-18 2022-Mar CFA Step 2 Tier II
RPD Subdivision 2019-09-18 2020-May CFA Approved Tier II 2021-Mar 16 12 N/A 2021-Apr 28
RPD Timeline for Promotion Appeals and PRC Start Dates 2018-11-07 2019-Feb CFA combined with RPD subdivision charge Tier II 2021-Mar 16 12 N/A 2021-Apr 28
Safety of Minors on Campus 2019-09-18 2020-Mar CSCC Step 2 Tier II N/A
Social Media 2018-02-07 2018-May CSCC Step 5 Tier II spring 2019 N/A 2021-Mar 23
SOSA 2018-10-01 2019-May SOSA Step 3 Tier III 2020-May 20
Special Topics Courses 2019-04-17 2019-Dec CAP Approved Tier II 2020-April 28 5 N/A 2020-May 27
Student Feedback 2020-10-07 2021-Mar CFA Step 2 Tier III
Student Organization Fundraising 2018-09-05 2019-Mar CSCC Step 2 Tier II N/A
Supervisor Certificate 2021-04-21 2021-May CAP Approved Tier I N/A N/A N/A 2021-May 15
Syllabus 2020-10-21 2021-May CAP Step 2 Tier II
Ungraded Option Extension, Fall 2020 2020-11-24 2020-Dec CAP accepted N/A N/A N/A 2020-Dec 4
Ungraded Option Spring 2021 and 5 year review 2021-02-03 2021-Mar CAP Spring 2021 Policy Approved
The five-year review is still underway.
Tier III 2021-Feb 26 5 2021-Mar 03 2021-Mar 10
Wellness Coaching N/A N/A CAP Approved N/A N/A N/A N/A 2021-Mar 2