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Living Learning Communities Taskforce


Tina Tormey




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Steering convenes an ad hoc task force to develop and present to the campus community a report on
living learning communities. The task force report will serve as a resource and guide for the future
development of LLCs at TCNJ. The report should include an analysis of a range of models and explore
their varying impact on: student experiences; student learning; serving residential and non-residential
students; campus resources (e.g., space, equipment, personnel time–faculty and staff); campus culture;
and opportunities for partnerships across divisions of the college. The report should consider and include
examples of different types of LLCs (e.g., theme-based, affinity group-based, major-based, etc.) and
duration of LLCs (e.g., short-term, those that last for only a few years; and long-term examples of those
that are more enduring). Although the task force is asked not to recommend a specific LLC model or
models, the task force may recommend general procedures or best practices for LLC creation (proposal,
review, and approval steps), assessment, and closure.

In completing its charge, the task force should consult widely across campus. At a minimum, the task
force should consult with the Office of Student Services, including the Residential Education and Housing
staff; the Office of Student Transitions; Council of Deans; Academic Leaders; the Office of Assessment;
the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning; and the Accessibility Resource Center.
At the end of its work, the task force should submit a formal report to Steering as well as prepare a
formal presentation to the campus community. The group should elect a co-chair from among the faculty
members. Minutes of meetings should be submitted to Steering.

Membership: 16 total members: The Director of Residential Education and Housing, serving as co-chair; 3 faculty members (one to serve as co-chair), appointed by the Faculty Senate; 2 additional staff members, appointed by Staff Senate, including one assistant/associate dean; 3 undergraduate students, two appointed by Student Government, and one member of the
Residence Hall Association.

Meeting Information

Meeting Times: 2nd and 4th Wednesdays, from 1:30 to 2:50 p.m.