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Artificial Intelligence Software Use Taskforce


Judi Cook


Tao Dumas



All Current Members



The Steering Committee convenes an ad hoc task force regarding artificial intelligence usage for teaching, learning, and professional work. The task force is charged to (1) survey salient reports, guidance, and responses from relevant organizations (e.g., federal and state governmental departments, other institutions of higher education); (2) develop a “white paper” summarizing key areas across TCNJ that are/will be impacted by AI and may need modifications in practice and/or policy (e.g., instruction, evaluation of student learning [cheating], research integrity, admissions, etc.) with examples of best/promising practices, strategies, and models from other organizations. Recognizing that AI is here to stay, the task force may also provide suggestions for the college to manage this expansion and to ensure that its continued growth remains informed by best practices, meets the interests and needs of its students, and is consistent with the mission and vision.

Some Questions to Consider 

  • What are the areas/programs we should be considering for best practices?
  • Are there policies that need to be updated/created?
  • What are the implications related to grading, and, importantly, rethinking the design of assessments that measure student learning?
  • How does this affect the admissions process by prospective students?
  • What are the risks and opportunities for TCNJ?
  • How can TCNJ leverage AI technology?
  • What are the models for managing current and future AI technologies?
  • What are the current implications/uses/restrictions for campus learning platforms and course assessments?

The task force will be composed of:

  • 1 representative from the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning to serve as co-chair;
  • 4 faculty members/librarians (appointed by the Faculty Senate), one of whom will serve as co-chair;
  • 3 other staff members (in addition to the CETL representative; appointed by Staff Senate);
  • 3 students, including a graduate student if available (appointed by Student Government);
  • 1 representative appointed by the Office of Academic Affairs; and
  • 1 dean or assistant dean appointed by the Office of Academic Affairs.