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Leadership Development Task Force


Avani Rana





All Current Members



The Leadership Task Force will prepare a preliminary recommendation based on its 2014 and 2018 reports. This will include its proposed broad definition of leadership development, its proposed set of learning outcomes and rubric for assessment of these outcomes, a recommendation regarding the relationship between these learning outcomes and the various leadership programs on campus, a summary of current leadership opportunities available to our students, and a recommendation regarding the expansion of opportunities for leadership development at TCNJ. The task force should share its recommendation with the campus following Tier III guidelines. Following this, depending on feedback received, the task force will prepare a final recommendation or a second preliminary recommendation, as appropriate.

In addition, the task force will prepare a recommendation for Steering regarding the role of a possible Leadership Council within governance. This recommendation should address the purpose and charge for such a body.

The Leadership Task Force shall consist of ten members as follows:

1 –  Provost or designee

1 –  Director of Leadership Development

3 – Faculty (appointed by the Faculty Senate)

3 – Staff (appointed by the Staff Senate)

2 – Students (appointed by Student Government)

The first meeting will be convened by the Director of Leadership Development. In keeping with the standard practice for Councils, the group should elect a chair and vice chair from among its members.  Minutes of meetings should be submitted to Steering.  The Task Force should see fit to draw on expertise from across campus or outside to assist it with particular issues.


March 4, 2020

October 17, 2018

October 3, 2018

September 19, 2018