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Liberal Learning Task Force


Cindy Curtis

Vice Chair

Piper Kendrix Williams


All Current Members


The Liberal Learning Task Force is charged to discern faculty opinion regarding the scope and nature of the revision of the Liberal Learning Program and to define parameters for this revision, to engage the faculty in conversation regarding the role of Liberal Learning vis-à-vis the major, and to lead the faculty at large in defining the goals and composition of a revitalized Liberal Learning Program.

The Liberal Learning task force shall consist of all members of the Liberal Learning Council (LLC) together with up to four additional faculty members appointed by the Faculty Senate. The task force will meet monthly on the first Wednesday of the month from 1:30-2:50pm, utilizing the LLC time slot. LLC will conduct its normal business on third Wednesdays. If the task force requires additional meeting time it will meet on the 4th Wednesday from 1:30-2:50pm.

The first meeting will be convened by the Associate Provost for Liberal Learning. In keeping with the standard practice for Councils, the group should elect a chair and vice chair for the task force from among its members. To ensure that both the work of the task force and the regular work of LLC move forward effectively, the chair and vice chair of the task force should be different individuals from the chair and the vice chair of LLC, although both may be elected at this first meeting. Minutes of meetings should be submitted to Steering.  The task force should see fit to draw on expertise from across campus or outside to assist it with particular issues.



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